It’s Wednesday!

Brian Golden

The fair, the fair and – you guessed it – more of the fair. With the 164th annual Chenango County Fair in town, it seems I’ve written about nothing but the family-friendly event over the last week or so. Not that I’m complaining, considering next week will bring with it a much-anticipated Norwich City School District Board of Education Meeting, Tuesday night’s regular session of the Common Council and (this I’m looking forward to) the Chenango Blues Fest. Regardless, today was more of the same as I penned the 4th annual Guitars Under the Stars preview, featuring country singer Andy Griggs, as well as my weekly column.

Unbelievably, the ‘30 Seconds’ phone line has been dead for the past day or two. A part of me hopes this is due to a few callers’ decision to “hang it up,” so to speak, but I’m guessing it probably has something to do with … the fair. That hasn’t – of course – stopped the online commentators from chiming-in with the usual Obama-bashing, Norwich Board of Education-bashing, welfare-bashing, Republican-Independant-Democrat-bashing, pro-driller-bashing, anti-driller-bashing, Bush-isn’t-president-anymore-bashing, Bush-is-still-to-blame bashing and so on and so forth. Hardly ever any positive commentary on there (or in the print edition) but hey, people obviously need something to do in their spare time.

I had a chance yesterday – much to my delight – to speak with legendary blues harmonica player Mr. James Cotton for fifteen minutes or so. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime treat, considering it’s not every day you get to chat with a guy who’s played with a veritable who’s-who when it comes to the genre. Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters and countless others have tagged Mr. Cotton for his amazing talent with the blues harp and – lucky us – the man will be on hand next Saturday for the 19th annual Chenango Blues Fest (bet you can’t tell I have Blues Fest on the brain).

Speaking of Blues Fest … just kidding. Speaking of blogs (this will be my second this week as I attempt to do the “blog thing” on a more regular basis), I’m finally not the proverbial low-man-on-the-totem-pole anymore. The current tally has me in 6th place behind Ms. Stagnaro (215), our esteemed editor Jeff Genung (181), sports editor Pat Newell (119) and former Evening Sun staff writers Jessica Lewis (112) and Tyler Murphy (108). I’m holding strong at 75 blogs to date (this will be 76) and, on Monday, surpassed former Evening Sun employee Mike McGuire (74). Believe it or not, the new guy (sorry, Julian, I just had to) doesn’t fall into last place with six blogs to his name. That would be The Web Guy, with one. That blog, however, simply informs readers that The Evening Sun Blog became self aware on June 29, 2006 at 5:07 p.m. Creepy.