Monday Musings

Brian Golden

Time flies when you’re having fun and – apparently – I must have had my fair share of it over the weekend considering I felt as if I’d never left my desk when I came into the office this morning. Which makes sense, however, considering I performed both Friday and Saturday night with the Master Thieves (Saturday in Syracuse, no less). And Sunday? Sunday was cleaning-shopping-barbecuing-and-Wii Bowling Tournament Day.

Needless to say – as is typically the case these days when I attempt anything even remotely resembling an athletic activity – I managed to injure myself. I’m not sure if I pulled a muscle or what, but I’m actually in a bit of pain today. Now that’s priceless.

I’m always excited when I run across a new musician or band that gets my creative, musical juices a-flowing and – on Saturday – that’s exactly what happened. A pair of singer-songwriter-instrumentalists and siblings known as The Avett Brothers caught my attention with their song “Laundry Room,” which I discovered, ironically, on CMT (what can I say, I’m not the world’s biggest country music fan). An interesting blend of folk, rock and old-school, Civil War-era mountain man music, I must say I’m impressed. It kind of made me want to sell all my gear, purchase an old, beat-up Martin acoustic guitar and retire to a small wood cabin somewhere in the wilderness and attempt to figure out how they pulled together such a unique sound. Unfortunately, that’s simply not in the cards, as my journalistic duties take precedence (not to mention I’m certainly not getting rid of my beloved Fender Stratocaster any day soon).

Speaking of journalistic duties, tomorrow marks the beginning of that one-of-a-kind experience that can only be the Chenango County Fair. For a second straight year, I was responsible for the fair preview story, which you can read here. This week’s Evening Sun will be chock-full of fair coverage, for sure, so don’t miss out. There’ll be blogs, columns, features and who knows what else throughout the duration of (one of, if not the) Chenango County’s longest running events, now in its 164th year.