Editor’s Notebook: 8/4/11

Jeff Genung

• I panicked for a brief second this morning when I couldn’t find the AP Sports Digest, the paint-by-numbers list of the day’s top sports stories that make it possible for me to substitute for Pat Newell and actually make it look like I know what I’m doing. Thankfully, I find it in time. Otherwise, you might have seen a story about the Midget Ping Pong Internationals on the front of section two.

• Gerard O’Sullivan sure takes a lot of abuse as our superintendent of schools here in Norwich, so I sure didn’t envy him this morning when I found out that they’re reinstating the January Regents. Sure throws a wrench into the whole high school scheduling debate. I can say to all the critics that I don’t believe anyone set out specifically to scuttle the NHS music program, although the proposed schedule would out those students at a decided disadvantage. I know there are a lot of plates to keep spinning here, and this just adds another, in basically the 11th hour before the new school year. Hopefully they can work something out that’s in the best interests of all students.

• We’re entering into all-Fair, all-the-time mode here at the ES, with a few preview stories going in this week and wall-to-wall coverage (Stories! Photos! Video! Tweets! Blogs!) planned for next week. We have a great time with it every year … here’s hoping the 164th annual is one to remember!

• I’m off again Friday, so I hereby disavow any knowledge of anything that appears again until Monday.