Editor’s Notebook: 8/3/11

Jeff Genung

• If it’s August, it must be Fair season (oh wait, Afton’s was in July, but still …). The 65th annual Otsego Fair kicked things off in Morris last night, and the merriment continues through Sunday. I sent both Julian and Frank over to cover opening day (and the parade) for our weekly newspaper, The New Berlin Gazette, but since Morris is thisclose to Chenango County, I decided to put it in The Evening Sun as well. Subscribers, check out Frank’s photo gallery here. And Julian’s here.

• I got a little excited when I heard the sirens (and later read ‘sky is falling’ posts on Facebook) last night, but it turns out a helicopter did not crash in the Town of Norwich. Looks like it just hovered, landed and took off again … but still seems kinda vague as to who it was and what they were doing here. You don’t see a lot of private helicopters around these parts.

• I get to play Sports Editor in the morning, since our own Pat Newell is playing in (and covering, natch) the Member-Guest tournament at the Canasawacta Country Club. Not much of a golf fan myself, shockingly, but this is a big event here – and in its 53rd year. Check out the first-round pairings here.

• Actual text of a letter I received in the mail yesterday: “Mr. Editor: Now that Gov. Andy Cuomo has signed the same sex bill into law, he has made NEW YORK STATE into a GIGANTIC WHORE HOUSE, so is he a good Gov. or a bad GOVENOR.” To top it off, it was poorly typed on a typewriter, on a slip of paper about the size of a dollar bill. Looked more like a ransom note than a Letter to the Editor. Though it was postmarked Syracuse, the author failed to give an address, phone number or any contact information, negating it under our publication policy. Just thought I’d share the fun little things that cross my desk on a given day.

• Come to think of it, I suppose if I were to live in a whore house, I would want it to be a GIGANTIC one.