Editor’s Notebook: 7/27/11

Jeff Genung

• Congratulations, Norwich, on winning the Otsenango Pony League championships again!

• I don’t know what that means, exactly, but I’m sure it’s good! They had a parade and everything!

• I hate using exclamation points! It’s the sign of a lazy writer!

• Speaking of lazy, good for nothin’ … I had flowers stolen off my front lawn in downtown Norwich the other night. No, they weren’t picked. They weren’t even in a pot. They were dug up, from the ground, and taken away into the night. Seriously, people? You can have my $3.99 superwave petunia if it means so much to you that you have to thieve it from me under the cover of darkness. Hope you brought a trowel; the soil’s a little rough out there, sorry.

• Melissa deCordova wrote the first of a three-part series on Chenango agriculture for today’s paper. It’s based on a bus tour she took last week with various industry and political reps. I think far too often we take for granted the innovative strides we’ve made in farming here locally. This three-parter is a great primer for those who might think agriculture is stagnated in the past.

• Brian previewed the third in the Chenango Blues Fest’s free summer concert series today – Nathan Williams and the Zydeco Cha-Chas are performing in West Park Thursday night. They’ve been to the Blues Fest a few times before, and it’s an act you will not want to miss.

• See, there’s a sentence that could have legitimately used an exclamation point. Too bad I spent all mine earlier.