Editor’s Notebook: 7/25/11

Jeff Genung

• Remember how I swore in the dead of winter that I wouldn’t complain about the heat? Yeah, blew that one this weekend. Several times over.

• Talk about a Field of Dreams! Chobani’s Champions Field looks amazing in New Berlin! Julian had a wrap-up story from Friday’s ribbon cutting on today’s front page, and Frank’s photos are up in our subscribers gallery. What a great experience for those kids … and a more than generous gift from Agro Farma!

• Brian got some great photos of the aftermath of a fire in South New Berlin over the weekend. Luckily the family (and pets) got out safe and sound. Evening Sun subscribers can check out more of Brian’s pictures in this photo gallery.

• And speaking of photos … Evening Sun photographer extraordinaire (sorry, don’t know how to say it in Italian) Frank Speziale is on vacation this week. It’s not often that Frank’s not at my beck and call, so this will be a weird week in the newsroom. Bear with us as we struggle to take our own photos, of everything. Thank goodness for point & shoot.