Editor’s Notebook: 7/20/11

Jeff Genung

• Hot enough for ya? Yeah, buddy. Hot enough so that everyone who asks me that question today should burn in …

• Oh wait, I guess I’m a little more charitable than that today. After all, we had a terrific lunch in West Side Park (got my Hot Dog Lady fix) with music provided by Evening Sun son Brian Golden. Who, I might add, did not suck as anticipated.

• Oh wait, I’m more charitable than that, too – actually Brian was fantastic. I’ve never had the opportunity to see him perform live before, so today was a special treat. There was a pretty good showing despite the oppressive heat, and Brian kept the crowd entertained. He’s actually quite talented. Good to know he’s got something to fall back on if …

• Oh wait, I suppose I really am a bit irritable today. I swore to the Gods of the Universe, back in the death throes of winter, that I would not complain a skitch about the heat this summer … but here I am. Would be appreciated, Mother Nature, if you could find some sort of middle ground.

• The theme of today’s paper was definitely music and entertainment – Brian previewed both the Norwich Family Bluegrass Festival (which opens today) and the Glenn Miller Orchestra performance tomorrow night, part of the Blues Festival’s free summer concert series. Not to be outdone, Melissa Stagnaro gave us a glimpse into what’s in store for this year’s 122nd Afton Fair, which also opens tonight. Frank Speziale will be wilting in the blazing temps tonight, taking pictures at the annual parade which kicks things off down there. Check out evesun.com for a photo gallery tomorrow.