You sorry, greedy…

Brian Golden

Several months ago, I wrote a short blog on the NFL lockout and President Obama’s excellent reaction to it. What’s said is that, here we are, just weeks away from what should be the start of the league’s pre-season, and the issue has yet to be resolved.

I think I speak for each and every fan of the NFL when I say – enough is enough.

Personally, I’m not going to point fingers here, as it seems to me you have two sides to this disagreement, both of which are (for the most part) extremely wealthy, arguing about who’s getting their proper “piece of the pie.” I say “for the most part” because your average NFL player only has a “shelf life” of around three years and makes significantly less than the league’s superstars.

Regardless, the entire situation is absolutely disgusting, especially when you consider the dire financial straights so many Americans are suffering through at this time. Not to mention the fact that – if they aren’t careful – they’re risking the alienation of the real people behind their big, fat paychecks … the fans.

Elsewhere in the wide world of sports, we have Roger Clemens and the recent mistrial declared in his perjury case. Clemens, of course, continues to deny his steroid use (ridiculous) and I can honestly say I’m not surprised by this development.

Can you say bribe? Because that is (unfortunately) what many people will read into this. My question? Just how much taxpayer money was wasted on this farce of a trial? And, if a person can be called forward for allegedly lying to Congress, why can’t “we the people” call Congress out on its lies to Americans across the country?

The NFL lockout kind of remind me of Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s character in Cameron Crowe’s “Jerry Maguire,” now that I think of it. Everybody’s shouting “show me the money” with not-a-care in the world for just how pathetic, greedy and – ultimately – worthless they come off in the end, both the players and the unions.

As for the Roger Clemens case, it’s no wonder the American people no longer have any trust in the federal government’s decision-making these days. It is – sadly – laughable, to say the least.