Editor’s Notebook: 7/8/11

Jeff Genung

• Most popular question of the day: “What are you doing here on a Friday?” Answer: I have no idea.

• Second most popular question of the day: “What’s really going on with Mark Abbott?” Answer: See above.

• OK, not entirely true … I do know why I’m here today, on what is typically one of my much-heralded summer Fridays off: Tonight I’m putting together our special, once a year Saturday edition – for the Gus Macker 3-on-3 basketball tournament in town this weekend. It’s a gargantuan effort (three whole sections, including player names and court brackets) and it’s FREE! You can pick it up courtside tomorrow morning in one of several drop off locations or newsstands, OR, even better, you can get it from me or one of my trusty reporter staff personally. We’re terribly excited about playing paper boy at 8:30 on a Saturday morning, lemme tell you.

• Congratulations to fellow journalist Steve Craig, who’s trading in the anchor desk for the president’s desk over at Commerce Chenango (formerly, and less awkwardly, known as the Chenango County Chamber of Commerce). I think it’s an interesting choice. I’ve known Steve in passing for many years, and I think he’ll bring a fresh direction to the goings-on at the Chamber. He’s certainly comfortable behind a microphone, which will make those annual dinners a little more digestible. Good luck, Steve! We look forward to working with you here at The Evening Sun.

• OK, now get out there and bounce some balls! (I’m talking about Gus Macker again, not Steve Craig. Try to keep up).