Editor’s Notebook: 7/5/11

Jeff Genung

• Happy belated 4th of July, Chenango County! In honor of our nation’s birth, I have remembered how to blog. And while it was great to have a long weekend, I have a feeling taking Monday off will lead to four consecutive Mondays in a row this week …

• Busy time here at The Evening Sun, as we’re preparing for our annual Gus Macker edition – on Saturday! That’s right, it’s the only time of the year in which we eschew our Monday-Friday routine and bring you a special edition. Saturday’s paper, full of Gus Macker features, photos, team brackets and regular news of the day, will be distributed FREE on the Macker grounds Saturday morning. Pick up your complimentary copy at several drop-off locations around Norwich’s East Main Street, or get one from me personally! Yup, it’s also the only day of the year on which I play paper boy. Joined by Melissa, Brian and Julian, I’ll be hawking free newspapers around 10 Saturday morning. No autographs, please.

• Catch those fireworks last night? I didn’t, although I’m sure the Norwich Firefighters Association did a spectacular job, as usual. Frank Speziale was there of course, photographing the pyrotechnics for today’s front page. Although I must say, I’m not sure why I send him down every year. Other than the fact it would probably break his heart if I didn’t have him go, personally I think if you’ve seen one firework, you’ve seen ‘em all. Frank’s photos from last night are identical to the ones from last year, or the 15 years before that. Bah, humbug. I just don’t get the fireworks appeal, I guess.

• More good news coming out of Columbus, where Chobani yogurt maker Agro Farma continues to put Chenango County on the map, literally. In addition to a boatload of federal aid, the yogurt manufacturer is also extending its reach worldwide. Read Melissa Stagnaro’s story here.

• Speaking of Frank Speziale, which I was a couple paragraphs ago in case you’re not hanging on my every word, he also spent part of the evening up in Smyrna, where the venerable Smyrna Citizens Band kicked off its 2011 summer concert series. Evening Sun subscribers can see a photo gallery of the event here.