Editor’s Notebook: 6/22/11

Jeff Genung

• Today’s torrential downpours (one of the few instances where the adjective qualifies) were curiously timed with both my morning and afternoon trips from Fair Street to The Evening Sun’s office. I’d think it was a sign if I hadn’t already ignored the plague of locusts on Lackwanna Avenue.

• New reporter Julian Kappel’s first byline appeared on today’s front page. Seems like just yesterday my own was there … something about a whale watch trip from an Oxford Board of Ed meeting. Of course it only seems like yesterday … as I found out this morning, young Mr. Kappel was at the very least toddling, if not in diapers, back when I was the new guy on the beat. Oh Time, you are a cruel mistress.

• Melissa Stagnaro took on our second “Talk of the Town” series in today’s paper, featuring her afternoon down at Hoppie’s down in Oxford with school superintendent Randy Squier. Much of the conversation revolved around Randy’s impending departure from the Blackhawk distinct. Good luck!

• Remember that today’s paper is more than free – just use the dollar off coupon we print in each edition and your 75 cents gets a healthy ROI. Today it’s Trotta’s Apizza in downtown Norwich!

• Be sure to check out Friday’s Evening Sun for our annual Salute to Chenango County Graduates – a multi-page special section featuring yearbook photos of the Class of 2011 from each of the area’s school districts.