Editor’s Notebook: 6/16/11

Jeff Genung

• Hi, remember me? It’s been one of those weeks in which I’ve pretty much been too busy to breathe, much less blog. But here I sit on a Thursday evening, performing one last duty before my customary Friday off. I’m New York City bound tomorrow. I’ll be sure to write.

• Thoroughly enjoyed, as I do every year, the Perkins School of Dance annual recital last weekend. I am forever in awe of the sheer amount of talent possessed by Chenango’s youth, and here in particular those guided by Amber and Mikey Perkins and company. A special shout out to The Evening Sun’s own Robin Wonka! I’ve enjoyed her performances since she was a little girl, and this summer she’s interning in our advertising department. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the equally talented and beautiful Lane deCordova, daughter of our own Melissa. Nice job, ladies.

• Kurt Beyer Pool in Norwich is closed for the summer due to repairs. Seems like they could have seen this one coming a little sooner and planned ahead, but what do I know? Personally, I’d rather swim in a giant vat of  … well, you know how I feel about public pools. Still, a loss to the community and those who do take advantage of it on hot summer days. And to all the ‘30 Seconds’ crabbers who’ve pointed out that ‘Norwich can afford to re-do the parks, but can’t afford to fix the pool’ … that’s apples and oranges, folks. The city isn’t paying for the parks renovations (though they are certainly involved) – Friends of the Parks solicited private and corporate donations to pay for it, and are doing most of the work with in-kind labor. I’m sure if someone wanted to start a Friends of the Pool, the city would be more than willing to accept their help.

• Lots to do this weekend in Chenango County! Haven’t had enough dance? The Donna Frech School of Dance presents its 36th recital this weekend at the Norwich High School. Got a hankerin’ for milk? Celebrate all things bovine with the 11th annual Dairy Day at the county fairgrounds Saturday. More of a car buff? Check out Smith Ford’s Mustang Rally, the 6th annual, on Saturday night at their East Main Street dealership. Ride Sally, ride!