Editor’s Notebook: 6/1/11

Jeff Genung

• Hot enough for ya? I vowed back in the dead of winter (which was pretty much April) that I would not complain about the heat this summer, and I shan’t.

• I should also vow not to say “Hot enough for ya?” Or shan’t, for that matter.

The Evening Sun crew wrapped up the Tyler Murphy Farewell Tour on Friday with a tour of various downtown drinking establishments. A good time was had by all. Tyler’s left for greener pastures in Albany, and now his desk sits empty, waiting for me to make up my mind on which candidate to hire. (That poor desk is also waiting for a healthy dose of Clorox, which I’ll happily provide before Reporter X tries to sit there).

• Speaking of Evening Sun alumni, a shout out to Jude Seymour, who’s leaving Watertown’s WWNY in a couple weeks to become deputy campaign manager for 23rd Congressional District hopeful Matt Doheny. Congratulations, cuz!

• Please give a warm welcome to Newhouse student Jayne Jaramillo of Guilford, who’s joining us as a summer intern. Her first story, on the Norwich Merchants Association’s ‘First Thursday’ promotion, appears in today’s edition.

• So we’re giving away the paper for free every day now. More than free, actually! Pluck down your 75 cents for The Evening Sun each weekday, and inside you’ll find a $1 off coupon from a rotating variety of local businesses – places you’ll actually go, and use! The campaign kicked off today with a $1 coupon from Taylor’s Mini Mart – tomorrow it’s Karolyn’s Krossroads cafe.

• And finally, on a far more somber note, our heartfelt condolences to the Collier family, who tragically lost their daughter Kristina yesterday. Krissy did a brief stint as an intern in The Evening Sun newsroom a while back. She will be sorely missed.