Editor’s Notebook: 5/23/11

Jeff Genung

• So glad to be here on a Monday afternoon and that the world didn’t end on Saturday as predicted. I did, however, wonder what percentage of my Evening Sun readers would be left post-Rapture (besides me, of course). Somehow I think ‘30 Seconds’ would have survived just fine. Kinda like that whole cockroaches/nuclear holocaust thing.

• I probably shouldn’t make jokes about Tyler’s story today about the day care inspection in Bainbridge that led to a drug bust … but man is that one ripe for the picking. No wonder those kids were so happy, dude!

• Congratulations to the Norwich High School tennis team, who captured the Section IV Class B title over the weekend. Always nice to see the hometown boys do well.

• Had a visit from Chuck Green this morning, husband of Evening Sun sales rep Linda Green. She’s still hospitalized down in Binghamton, awaiting surgery, but is in good spirits. We’re continuing to send her our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

• Narrowed down my field of candidates for Evening Sun staff writer to the top three this week. Tyler Murphy leaves us on Friday, which means we have a chair (among other things) to fill. Dick nixed my plan to hire them all and fire ‘em one per week, Apprentice-style. No fun at all. Once the second round of interviews is done, I should have Reporter X named before Tyler’s going-away party. Always interesting to see what a newbie brings to the table.