Editor’s Notebook: 5/17/11

Jeff Genung

• If you haven’t voted in today’s school budget/board seat elections, step away from the computer and go do it. Polls are open in most districts until 9 p.m. We’ll have complete election results in Wednesday’s Evening Sun.

• Melissa Stagnaro gets the award for most commented-upon story in today’s paper (no, not the one about the purple boxes in the trees, although a lot of people were curious about those, too) – Sheriff’s Dept. divers plunging into Round Pond in Smithville during a training exercise found, and hauled out, a 1970s Mercury Cougar convertible. No one’s quite sure how it got there. A lot of people on Facebook weighed in (my favorite was the one suggesting they look for Jimmy Hoffa in the trunk). The answer to the mystery is probably far more mundane than where our imaginations are leading us, but it’s fun to speculate. Ever see “Ghost Story?”

• Tyler Murphy wrote his penultimate column on the things he never thought he’d miss about his Evening Sun tenure today. I know one thing I’ll miss when he’s gone – he’s the one who gets the cranky phone calls asking, “How do I keep my name out of the police blotter?” My answer after fielding that question 4,753 times is generally, “Don’t get arrested.”

• American Idol fans may have noticed that I’ve been fairly quiet about my pop culture obsession this season. I honestly didn’t have much to kvetch about (aside from Steven Tyler’s drag queen wardrobe and bouts of aphasia) until last week’s unceremonious dumping of frontrunner James Durbin. How that screeching hellcat Haley Reinhart made it through and he didn’t … oh, you shake my faith, America!