Jeff Genung

Goin’ to the candidates’ debate … OK, there probably won’t be all that much in the way of a debate, but it’s still fun to quote Simon & Garfunkel. Should be an interesting evening at Gibson tonight, with the five candidates for the Norwich City School Board putting on their best face for the public. Looks like Mr. McBride had such a good time as moderator at last year’s shindig that he threw his own hat in the ring. I’ll let you know what I thought about the field of candidates in my column Friday.

• Far too nice of a day to be sitting inside in front of this computer. Dick Snyder has denied my repeated requests for a retractable roof on our Lackawanna Avenue digs.

• For those of you who have been asking, Evening Sun sales consultant Linda Green is on an extended emergency medical leave. She’s currently at Wilson Hospital down in Johnson City. I hear it was touch-and-go for a while there, but she is slowly improving. We here at The Evening Sun (and I’m sure all her clients and contacts) wish her a speedy recovery. The office just isn’t the same without you, Linda!

• The twin daughters of two people I went to high school with made headlines on our sports page today, playing for our Blackhawks. Thanks for making me feel old!