Editor’s Notebook: 5/9/11

Jeff Genung

• Back from a much-blogged about (thanks Melissa, I was watching your every move) long weekend in gorgeous Washington, D.C. with a group of friends. A good time was had (and a lot of money spent) by all. And as much as I’m enthralled by the hustle and bustle of a big city, it’s always nice to come home.

• School budget struggles continue to dominate the local news, it seems. Brian and Tyler each had stories in today, from Otselic Valley and Unadilla Valley, respectively. Tonight, Melissa’s off to a hearing on Norwich’s spending plan, and tomorrow I’ve got a story myself on a recent decision made by CMH that will impact several districts. Yikes. I don’t envy our friends in education these days. The difficult decisions are coming one right after the other.

• The Chenango County Council of the Arts held its 10th annual Allegro Run for the Arts in Norwich Saturday. Looks like they had a great turnout – including our own Evening Sun Sports Editor, Pat Newell. Check out Frank Speziale’s photos from the race on their Facebook page.

• And speaking of Facebook, I put up a gallery today of Frank’s photos from the removal of the Red Mill bridge on Friday. Other than hearing about it being washed out by floods (and that time a year or two ago when some nimrod tried to drive a tractor trailer over it), I can’t say I could even tell you where it was. Apparently it was quite the well-known local shortcut (sorry, I’m still an Oxford boy, I guess) and will be greatly missed if they don’t replace it – which my money’s on.