Playing Jeff

Melissa Stagnaro

As you may have surmised from the comments Jeff dropped all week, our fearless leader is off today. In fact, as we speak, he’s headed to our nation’s capital with his cronies for a long weekend.

I’d be happy for him, if I wasn’t so darn jealous.

Not that I have time to waste on such emotion, because in Jeff’s absence I’m pulling double duty. Not by myself, of course. It takes the entire ES editorial staff to put out the paper when our editor in chief isn’t around.

It’s been awhile since Jeff has deserted us (or taken a vacation day), so we were a little rusty this morning. But we better get used to it, because this was just a trial run. Apparently he intends to resume his 4-day work schedule in June. Thereby ruining my summer. (Life just isn’t the same without Friday Lunch to look forward to.)

One of the tasks I pick up while he’s out of the office, is checking his emails. And believe me, he gets a lot. Much of it unsolicited, and even more, outright spam. At least that’s how I categorize the press releases from the New York State Arm Wrestling Association and the 12 messages we’ve received about Judgment Day. (Which is, apparently, just 19 days away.)

And, of course, there is the online 30 seconds forum. Having to wade through and approve/disapprove posts is like being condemned to my personal hell. My favorites are the multiple posts by the same person under different monikers (Man from Norwich, Woman from Sherburne, etc.). FYI – I can see your IP address. Just like we can recognize your voice when you call our reader reaction line.

Perhaps I wouldn’t despise the task so much if I was free to comment on the lunacy. But, alas, that’s not an option. Jeff was VERY specific with his instructions. And even though he’s probably a couple of states away by now, I wouldn’t dare do anything to displease him.

Like, say, raid his secret cache of snack food.

Oopsie. I guess I better do something with these wrappers.

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