Editor’s Notebook: 5/5/11

Jeff Genung

• Happy Cinco de Mayo! (That one’s for you, Nicole. So is this shot of tequila.)

• Been a couple days since I’ve frequented the blogosphere. Taking tomorrow off (just tomorrow, not quite yet the start of my infamous Summer Fridays Off series) for a little weekend getaway to D.C., and it seems like my desk (and inbox) have been more inundated than usual. I swear the Universe conspires against me whenever I even think about knocking off a little early here.

• Good luck to Sewain Conklin, who’s filling in as CEO over at Commerce Chenango. Not that he’ll need it, of course – he did it at least once before after Tammy Carnrike left. Interesting roster of names chosen as the search committee to find a permanent replacement for Maureen Carpenter, too – I’m sure with that group, they’ll find the perfect candidate.

• What were all those TV vans doing in Norwich around lunchtime? Representatives from the governor’s office toured Chenango County’s tornado-stricken countryside to assess the damage, and hopefully determine how much money we’ll get to fix it. Brian will have the story in tomorrow’s paper. Funny how those logo-plastered mobile TV vans garner so much attention – my phone rang off the hook with people wondering what was going on. I suppose our Evening Sun vehicles aren’t quite as conspicuous. Well, except for Tyler’s ‘88 Lumina, maybe.

• Who will be the next Chenango County Dairy Princess? I know that’s a question that’s been on a lot of your minds, but still. I miss the days when part of Her Royal Highness’ duties were to come to our newsroom to whip up a batch of Milk Punch. What? You don’t know what Milk Punch is? Oh, you haven’t lived, my friends.

• OK, that’s enough for today … I’m outta here. Enjoy the weekend, everyone! (And by reinforcing the fact that I will not be here tomorrow, I am of course asking that you don’t blame me for anything that’s in Friday’s edition).