Editor’s Notebook: 5/2/11

Jeff Genung

• Call me a pacifist if you will, but I’m not so sure we should be dancing in the streets over last night’s news of Osama bin Laden’s death. Isn’t this exactly what incensed us about Al Qaida/Muslim extremists after 9/11? I certainly understand the feelings of relief and even a certain degree of retribution, but the blatant celebrating of the taking of a human life isn’t very … American. I’m glad his particular threat has been neutralized (though I’m afraid the snake has many heads), but to jubilantly dance in the streets makes me extremely uneasy – “rubbing it in their faces” will only perpetuate the cycle of revenge.

• So that was a tornado that hit Pharsalia last Thursday, the National Weather Service tells us. Duh. It was pretty obvious to anyone who saw the damage what caused it, but I suppose it’s their job to confirm such things. Tyler Murphy revisited the site over the weekend – his pictures from that hike are up on our Facebook page today.

• We’re getting unconfirmed reports that a gas drilling worker was killed in an accident in Smyrna over the weekend. We’ll keep you posted in tomorrow’s edition.