The countdown begins

Brian Golden

Last weekend found me once again behind the wheel of the Green Machine and heading north toward Syracuse, this time for the final Master Thieves recording session (we’re getting ready to release the band’s debut album in late May or early June). After months of performing in the studio, now comes the most difficult part.

The waiting.

Several weeks will be spent polishing-off the rough mix of the album (a special thanks to our new friend and engineer Jeremy), followed by the mastering process and – finally – production. Obviously, we’re all pretty excited, and I have a good feeling about this recording, my seventh.

In addition to the wait we’re all impatiently trying to endure, there’s the matter of album design. It’s a process I’ve always enjoyed, yet at times it can be just as stressful (if not more so) than the actual recording procedure. This time around, there’s only one problem – we can’t seem to decide on an album cover. And while some people might think that’s really not a big deal, music lovers and musicians will tell you that their favorite album covers remain forever-ingrained upon their consciousness.

My personal favorites, if I had to name a few – Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, Hendrix’s Axis: Bold As Love, The Allman Brothers’ Hittin’ the Note and The Beatles’ Abbey Road.

That’s not to say that our indecision is going to hold up the album in any way (at least I hope not) and I’m sure we’ll come to some kind of general consensus sooner or later. Regardless, I’m certainly happy with the audio results so far and – as always – it’s a great feeling to know we’re almost ready to get some new tunes out there.