Editor’s Notebook: 4/25/11

Jeff Genung

• Another gorgeous, sun-dappled weekend in Chenango County. Not.

• I felt so bad for all those kids looking forward to the Easter Egg Hunt down at the fairgrounds on Saturday morning (not to mention the people who worked hard to put it on). Yup, Mother Nature let loose again, forcing the annual event into the Exhibition Hall. Where, I might add by looking at Frank’s photos on Facebook, there wasn’t much of a challenge in “hunting” for the eggs. Let’s hope this isn’t another year in which most of our biggest community events get washed out.

• Speaking of Facebook, Tyler Murphy’s story on a Norwich-area Vietnam vet whose gun-shaped cane was banned from the VA Hospital in Syracuse drew quite a bit of commentary, pro and con, on the forum there. It’s an interesting story, and a debate with no clear-cut winning side, I think.

• Know anyone who could remove a few years’ worth of lawn debris from my backyard, soon? Seems whenever I need to call someone for one of these jobs, I have terrible luck getting calls back. I guess the economy in Chenango County must be pretty good if you can’t give jobs away!

• Speaking of giving jobs away … resumes are piling up for those hoping to be the next Tyler Murphy. Figuratively, anyway. I’ll be setting up interviews this week, so if you know of anyone who’s thinking about applying, now is the time. My Donald Trump-esque fantasy, if only Dick Snyder were willing to cover the liability (and the paychecks), has always been to hire ALL the candidates for the job, and then eliminate them, one a week, until only the winner remained. Not only fun for me, it could also be a great reader-participation exercise, with you guys voting for your favorite reporter candidates. I could even sport a mean comb-over, if need be.