Norwich, Oxford Track and Field results

Patrick Newell

* Shortly before midnight, Norwich track and field coach, Paul Sims, e-mailed me a copy of the results from Thursday’s track and field meet at Owego. I keep pretty late hours, but I cannot recall a time during the spring sports season where I was pecking away on my computer past 11 p.m. – coaches just do not report results (by phone) that late. When I arrived this morning for work, shortly after 6:30 a.m., I saw Sims’ e-mail, and quickly typed something up for the Friday edition. I did not have the time to mark down all of the place finishes, times, and distances. Now that I am comfortably past my deadline, I will list Norwich’s place finishes here – and Oxford Academy’s, too, since the Blackhawks were at the meet as well. I am listing any place finish that was among the top six in the 22-team invite. Full results are available on the Internet at
3,200m relay: Norwich (6), 9:10 (Nuri Harper, Mike Barnes, Nate Ashton, Max Morse)
110m hurdles: Jon Foulds, Norwich (2), 15.91.
100m dash: Morgan Crawford, Norwich (2), 11.55
400m hurdles: Foulds, Norwich (2), 1:01.545; David Jones, Norwich (6), 1:03.28.
800m: Matt Murray, Norwich (3), 2:05.94.
400m relay: Norwich (2), 46.73 (Patrick Taylor, Cameron Turner, Josh Favaloro, Morgan Crawford).
1,600m relay: Norwich (2), 3:41.01 (David Layman, Cameron Turner, Max Morse, Murray).
Long jump: Patrick Taylor, Norwich (3), 20-3 1/2
Triple jump: P. Taylor, Norwich (6), 39-0
High jump: Taylor, Norwich (4), 5-8.
100m: Katie Woodford, Oxford (2), 12.35; Cleo Daoud, Norwich (5), 13.46.
400m: K. Woodford, Oxford (2), 1:01.11.
200m: Emily Woodford, Oxford (2), 25.53; C. Daoud, Norwich (4), 27.73.
400m relay: Oxford (2), 51.46 (Jess Russo, Haley Witchella, E. Woodford, K. Woodford).
1,600m relay: Oxford (2), 4:24.96 (E. Woodford, Kasey Peters, H. Witchella, K. Woodford).
Triple jump: Emily Woodford, Oxford (2), 35-2 1/2.
Shot put: Haley Witchella, Oxford (3), 32-9.