Editor’s Notebook: 4/21/11

Jeff Genung

• I almost shut the blinds in my office this morning, forever. Watching fairly heavy snow flurries and strong gusty winds blow by Lackawanna Avenue made Jeff a very angry editor. It’s the end of April, dagnabbit!

• Which is probably why I confirmed an online ‘30 Seconds’ commenter’s suspicion that that aim of the Friends of the Park project was to cut down every tree in East Side park and destroy the “gazeebo” too. Yes, that’s what they’re planning on doing. Followed by razing the courthouse and drilling for natural gas. And perhaps erecting a Jiffy Lube.

• Despite the requisite bitching and moaning that takes place every time there’s an iota of change in these parts, I honestly think people will be generally pleased – even the most voracious naysayers – when they see the final outcome of the downtown Norwich project. And it bears repeating: Pretty much the whole thing is being done with private donations and volunteer labor.

• I was not a yogurt snob until I discovered the Chenango County treasure that is Chobani yogurt. I’d pretty much buy whatever was on sale until I drank from the AgroFarma fountain. Congratulations, Chobani, on becoming the No. 1 yogurt in the country! Glad to know that it was my weekly purchase that put you over the top, of course.