Editor’s Notebook: 4/20/11

Jeff Genung

• Why is it every meeting in the universe falls on a Wednesday? More specifically, this Wednesday? Feeling overwhelmed. Sympathy, please.

• The Friends of the Parks renovation and reconstruction of East and West Side Parks in downtown Norwich began today, with portions fenced off and a few miscellaneous trees coming down. We had a little difficulty getting those in charge to talk to us about the project before it began (looks like they got the runaround from everyone else, so they decided to give it back to us), so you’ll have to read Brian Golden’s story in tomorrow’s paper.

• Speaking of tomorrow’s paper, don’t forget to stop by your local newsstand if you’re a racing fan. Pat Newell’s 16-page special section, “Let’s Go Racing: 2011” appears in Thursday’s edition.

• Know anyone who wants to be a reporter? I’m starting to get a few resumes coming in, but I’m looking for more contestants to come on down!

• Today’s 4/20, which for those of you out of touch with such things is some kind of code for marijuana, hence the preponderance of “Man from Sherburne” entries on today’s online “30 Seconds.” And then of course his nemesis, “Man from Norwich,” has to get on his case about the various medical maladies he claims his pot use is for and, well, hilarity ensues. Lather, rinse, repeat.