Editor’s Notebook: 4/19/11

Jeff Genung

• Been out of the loop here a bit the past few days, or should I say loop-y. Finally got rid of that winter cold, I think. Now if we could only get rid of winter.

• Continuing with the tradition of publicly humiliating Evening Sun employees in this blog, Melissa deCordova showed up for work today with two different shoes. Stylish, both. Sometimes a girl just can’t choose.

• Pat Newell is knee-deep in this year’s “Let’s Go Racing” special section, which comes out in this Thursday’s Evening Sun. It’s an all-encompassing look at all types of motorized racing (I’m going to end this right here, because I clearly have no idea what I’m talking about) …

• Melissa Stagnaro’s got a new cubicle-mate. No we’re not doubling her up with Tyler to save money; she’s the proud owner of a new Betta fish. As newsroom mascots go, I hope “Big Red” fares better than Jessica Lewis’ “Sunny,” who died a slow, agonizing and filthy death. Quite the morale booster, that one was. And no, we’re not getting a cat!