Editor’s Notebook: 4/14/11

Jeff Genung

• Sickness, Day 2. Figures I made it through the whole winter without a cold, only to get one as soon as spring has sprung. Prepared a good portion of today’s paper while heavily medicated; hopefully it’s fairly coherent.

• Not having quite as bad a day, though, as ES sales consultant Pam Jones, who walked into a glass door in our office this morning. Worry not; she lived to suffer the humiliation :)

“You’re missing out on a great story.” Never a good approach. 1. No one else is doing it either. 2. Ain’t a good story to begin with. 3. Now you’ve just angered me unnecessarily.

• Heard this afternoon that ABC has canceled both “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” I haven’t been much of a regular viewer of either soap in a long, long time, but like comfort food, they were always there if you needed them. Much like my beloved “Guiding Light,” they will be sorely missed. And just as many people don’t “get” soap operas, I don’t “get” their replacements – those gabfests like “The View” and “The Talk” and ABC’s coming “The Chew.” More like “The Barf.” Curses! Looks like I’ll be forced to read a book!