A poem for poetry month

Tyler Murphy

April is National Poetry Month and I figured, “what a great excuse to write one.”

In the world

My heart just isn’t in this world.
It got lost in some far away place.
Is it better dreaming as a lie unfurled
Or finding peace in an ignorant space?

The fires of life burn time and will.
But one must be lost before the other.
If endured the truth may shine still,
With mind, not body do souls smother.

A heap of death will crush all living things,
There is one short chance to define identity.
With each note written our end eventually sings
A change in tune may allow the past serenity.

Too many times this world reflects the pale and dark
But the better knows the reach of true reason.
There is one world to make a fading mark,
Those who plot for self leave the rest in treason.

Perhaps hearts are destined to beat in another time
The one where the world should be.
Perhaps one day it’ll all come in line
But until then all I know is where to find me.