Editor’s Notebook: 4/13/11

Jeff Genung

• Depressingly rainy day, and I’m afraid I’m coming down with whatever latest bug is going around. Joy.

• No city pool this summer? Looks like repairs at Kurt Beyer pool in the City of Norwich will take the entire season (which, let’s face it, isn’t very long around here). Definite loss for the locals who make use of it, but personally I think you might as well swim in a giant vat of urine.

• Everything old is new again in New Berlin, as former Mayor Carol Riley gets appointed to fill a village board spot vacated when Terry Potter won a write-in campaign for mayor a month ago. Potter’s predecessor, Wade Schrag (who withdrew his write-in campaign against Terry at the last minute), won his own election by a hair after Riley staged a last-minute write-in campaign herself a couple years ago. Are there only three people involved in New Berlin politics? Talk about small-town musical chairs!

• The local artists’ cooperative Made in Chenango is moving to a new home after their previous South Broad location got wrecked by the spring thaw. It’s too bad that happened, of course, but I think their new location – the recently renovated space that, for years, was the Corner Cigar store next to Garf’s – is a much better spot. Good luck in your new home!

• Printed clues 1-3 in that Maydole Hose Co. Easter egg hunt contest in today’s paper. Tyler forgot to give me clue #2 yesterday, so we published the first three today; a new one will follow every day going forward. And yes, you have to buy the paper in order to get them. One enterprising individual called me up today and asked me to read it to her over the phone. Ummm, no.