Editor’s Notebook: 4/12/11

Jeff Genung

• So Tyler Murphy spilled the news in his column today – he’ll be leaving The Evening Sun at the end of May. Not a completely unexpected development, of course (they all leave the nest eventually), but still … always interesting to have change afoot in the newsroom. We’re starting to advertise for the position in tomorrow’s edition, so if you know anyone who wants to be a reporter, have ‘em come on down.

• And what can I say about Tyler Murphy that I haven’t already documented in excruciating detail in his personnel file? Well, I think I’ll save the eulogy until we’re closer to his last byline.

• The men and women who comprise the staff of Chenango County’s 911 emergency dispatch center are currently being honored with National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, and the top story in today’s Evening Sun. Our collective hats are off to this crew, who are always there, literally, to answer the call for help.

• People over on The Evening Sun’s Forum on this website were wondering if there was photographic evidence of the vandalism perpetrated by anti-gas drilling protesters in New Berlin over the weekend, and there is. But you won’t see it here, or in print. I’ve never been one for propagating hate speech (and that’s precisely what it was – vulgar, ignorant and reprehensible) by giving it more “air time.” I saw it. A lot of people saw it. It happened, and it’s insane the issue has come down to that.

• Plans are underway for the next Dairy Day (which I’m as determined as ever, for some reason, to type as “Diary Day”), this year on June 18. Didn’t we just do that? My, how time flies around here …