Editor’s Notebook: 4/5/11

Jeff Genung

• Thanks, Time Warner, for throwing a monkey wrench into the works today. Started off the day with no e-mail or Internet access at the ES, but luckily our friends at the Pennysaver have Frontier backup.

• Panic-stricken, my trusty reporters were, when faced with the possibility of getting through an entire edition without being plugged into the outside world this morning. Veteran curmudgeon that I am, I had to remind the underlings that “When I was a reporter …” Well, we didn’t even know what the Internet was, much less rely on it so heavily for everything. We did, however, have telephones and word processors.

• And lest you think my Internet-less rant was over, my lunch hour was completely ruined by the lack of “The Young and the Restless.” Thanks again, Time Warner!

• Disgraced former Earlville mayor Toni Campbell pleaded guilty to stealing a boatload of cash from Chenango Valley Pet Foods in court yesterday, after months of delays. And the latest bombshell to be dropped in the case? She’s pregnant, delaying the start of her sentencing until after the baby’s born. There’s got to be a Lifetime movie in this somewhere …

• Melissa deCordova and Brian Golden both said they were impressed by the “everyman” charm and good sense of Congressman Richard Hanna in his visit to Norwich yesterday. I met him somewhere along the campaign trail too, and have watched his progress as a freshmen rep with pleasure. He’s not a toe-the-line Republican by any means. Hopefully he can do good things for us in Washington.