Rum Cake

Melissa Stagnaro

I have a new love in life, and its name is Rum Cake. Whoever thought of taking a plain, run-of-the-mill Bundt cake and soaking it in rum was a genius. A genius, I tell you!

I have partaken of my share of these delightful confections in the past, but was recently re-introduced courtesy of one of my ES coworkers.

A coworker who, incidentally, has since been elevated to FAVORITE status.

Said colleague had just returned from a trip to the Caribbean and had brought back one of the aforementioned cakes as a sort of consolation prize.

Was I jealous that she had just enjoyed 10 days in a tropical paradise while I’d been stuck in an unending procession of school board meetings? Duh. Of course. But I wasn’t about to turn up cake.

I gladly gobbled up the offered slice. As soon as that rum-soaked goodness touched my lips, my bitterness instantly dissolved. It was as if the universe aligned and angels began singing on high. Bliss. Absolute bliss.

This, I thought, is the answer to all the world’s ills.

I mean, if the cake Marie Antoinette offered to the starving French peasantry had been this spirit-laden variety, things may have gone down differently for the soon-to-be headless royal.

Problems would be resolved much more easily if the quarreling parties sat down to share a rum cake first.

Henceforth, I propose, all gatherings should involve rum cake. Particularly school board meetings…

And now you’ll excuse me, won’t you, while I try to hunt down a good recipe.

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