Editor’s Notebook: 3/31/11

Jeff Genung

• March, which came in like a lion, is apparently poised to go out as one, too. That’s not how it’s supposed to go.

• Spent an hour or so last night over at the Norwich High School interviewing cast members of “The Phantom of the Opera.” What a great group of kids – not only talented, but gracious and articulate to boot. You can read my story here, but I’m more excited about my doing my review that’ll appear in tomorrow’s edition. I didn’t have time last night to watch any of the show, so I’m headed back tonight. I’m expecting great things, and I know I won’t be disappointed.

• Photographer extraordinaire Frank Speziale spent even more time at “Phantom” last night than I did. Check out all of his rehearsal photos in today’s Facebook gallery.

• Not disappointed in our legislators, for a change, either. New York’s first early budget since 1983 has passed. Can’t say I was paying much attention to New York State politics when I was a freshman in high school, so I’m going to say this is the first time in my memory that New York appears to have its act together. Some difficult choices had to made – and will still have to be made – but kudos to Gov. Cuomo for getting the job done on time, at least.

• Congratulations to downtown jeweler Hal Skillin, whose Norwich business is celebrating its 90th anniversary!

• Brian Golden had a great story on the Community page today about former longtime Pennysaver/Evening Sun receptionist Rose Laughlin, whose sister Erin is giving her quite a gift. Rose is an exceptional lady, and we wish her the best. We’ll keep you posted on how she’s doing, and the details of the upcoming benefit in her honor. We miss you, Rose!

• On an unrelated program note, I realize I’ve been remiss about weighing in on the American Idol goings-on. Frankly, I don’t care how much that Casey Abrams tries to act sincere or gets his bushy mane cut, he still looks like a little Leprechaun rapist to me.