Editor’s Notebook: 3/30/11

Jeff Genung

• Beautiful day out there for a change … just in time for a possible Nor’easter on Friday? Who knows what to believe. Sometimes I think I’m just as qualified as the “pros” to make up The Evening Sun’s weather forecast by looking out my window on Lackawanna Ave.

• Pat Newell’s had a great two-part interview with my fellow Blackhawk alum (OK, he’s a couple years behind me) J.P. O’Connor on our Sports page yesterday and today. Find out what the wrestling phenom’s been up to here.

• No more semestering for Oxford? Doesn’t seem all that long ago (see age reference above) that the school day had nine periods anyway. Frankly, I’ve never been able to concentrate on anything for more than 40 minutes at a time anyway, so I think the Oxford kids will be just dine going back to that tried-and-true late 80s scheduling. Great, Jeff. Now you’re going to have nightmares about “double period” gym tonight.

• I’ve been drunk before. Quite often, actually. But never so drunk that I went out and stole a car … and then stole another one, and wrecked it, in the same 24-hour period?? Stupid Chenango Criminal Tricks, #428.

• Headed over to Norwich High tonight after work to interview cast members from “Phantom of the Opera.” Look for my story (and Frank’s photos) in Thursday’s Evening Sun.