Editor’s Notebook: 3/17/11

Jeff Genung

• Thanks, Mom, for contributing a little Irish DNA into the Genung gene pool. Gives me a good excuse (as any) to drink some green beer and down some corned beef & cabbage today.

• Speaking of Erin Go Bragh, the Norwich Irish had quite a good turnout for their annual flag-raising ceremony in downtown’s West Side Park at noontime. Frank’s photos are up on our Facebook page now, and there’ll be more in Friday’s Evening Sun.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make me happy, like a brand-new, 27-inch iMac sitting on my desk this morning. Not little at all, really – in fact, it’s ridiculously huge. If they make them any bigger, I’m gonna need a larger office.

• I must have gotten too caught up in the reverie yesterday (note sarcasm; don’t step in it), because I forgot to mention in my blog (actually I “forgot” to blog entirely) that March 16 was the 120th anniversary of the black, white & read all over Evening Sun. Happy Birthday to Chenango County’s Hometown Daily! You don’t look a day over 100 (which was when I first met you).