On chaos, competition and the ES subscription drive

Melissa Stagnaro

It’s only Wednesday morning and I’m already longing for this week to be over. While at the same time wishing I could hit the pause button and prolong the next day or so indefinitely.

I know, it doesn’t make much sense does it? But I’ve had a pretty crazy week so far. By noon on Monday, I already felt like I was playing catch up. So I’m fighting twin urges. On one hand, I just want it all over. If only I had (I Dream of) Jeanie’s ability to blink it all away. Or, alternately, to have time stand still long enough for me to actually catch my breath.

My typical work week is speckled with meetings – some during the day, others in the evening. They tend to slot in around my morning deadline and the rest of my day – which I spend tapping away at my keyboard, doing phone interviews and scheduling more of the same. It’s kind of organized chaos, and I love it. There’s a definitely balance to having a couple of articles ready to write, with others waiting in the wings so you never have to scramble for something to write on deadline. (Which for me is definitely the worst case scenario. I don’t need that added pressure before my second cup of coffee.)

This week is another matter all together. I’ve been swamped with meetings and events all week. Monday it was the Board of Supervisors meeting during the day and a lengthy Norwich school board meeting at night. Yesterday, the National Ag Day luncheon at the Silo and another school board meeting, this time at Oxford. And bright and early this morning, Commerce Chenango’s quarterly Good Morning, Chenango breakfast.

I’m not begrudging any of these meetings. There were great discussions, great presenters and I know the topics discussed will make great stories. And that’s stories in the plural, since I know I’ll be penning a good 2 or 3 at minimum from each.

Which is really the crux of my problem since, running around and in between all of these events, I’ve had little time to sit down and do any actual writing.

It’s a good problem to have, I suppose. It means there is a lot going on in our little corner of the world. All right, so it would be nice if it was a little more spread out, but we’ve got to take it where we can get it.

After all, it’s kind of job security. Not just for me, but for our whole business. Because as long as there are local events, businesses, etc. making news, we’ll be here to report it. I’m proud to be a cog in that wheel, particularly today, which is The Evening Sun’s 120th anniversary. That’s right, 120 years of being Chenango County’s hometown daily newspaper.

And, proudly, still going strong.

Hopefully even stronger by the end of our subscription drive. It’s not too late to take advantage of our special “120” deal. New print subscribers get 4 weeks free with a paid 13 week subscription. (That’s 17 weeks for $46.15 for those living in the City of Norwich; $47.45 for motor routes.)

There is a deal for online subscribers as well: six months for $50 or one year for $99.

To make it a bit more interesting, Jeff’s turned the subscription drive into a bit of a contest for our editorial staff. We reporters get credit for each person we sign up (or who signs up as a result of our efforts.)

It’s no secret that I’ve got a competitive streak (a mile or so wide…), so I’m going to sweeten the deal: I’ll donate $5 to Relay for Life for each person who mentions me when they purchase their new subscription. Not only will you get home delivery and/or online access to our county’s best local news source, but you’ll also be helping out a great cause. (Don’t forget you have to mention me when signing up!)

The offers “sunset” (and our little competition ends) on March 31, so call our Circulation Department at 334-9086 to get started. Or, you can email me at mstagnaro@evesun.com and I’ll help make that connection for you.

Happy 120th Anniversary to the Evening Sun!

Here’s to 120 more!

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