Editor’s Notebook: 3/14/11

Jeff Genung

• Seems silly to write about anything other than the unspeakable horror of what’s still going on in Japan, really, but our job is to bring you the news from good ol’ Chenango, so here we are …

• Just when our front page rolled off the press Friday morning declaring that the flooding caused by overnight rainfalls “could have been worse” – it got worse. Right before lunch, we ran up to cover Rt. 12 being closed by floodwaters in Sherburne. Saturday, the same thing happened on the lower end of East Main in Norwich. Thankfully, we have our website and Twitter to keep people informed, but the limitations of print still vex me once in a while.

• Case in (another) point: Our weekly newspaper, The Gazette, is dated (and delivered by, in most cases) Friday – but it’s printed Wednesday morning. Usually not a problem at all in the weekly that serves New Berlin, Morris, Edmeston and communities over in the area. Except for last week, of course, when New Berlin Mayor Schrag decided to withdraw his write-in re-election campaign just hours after we’d gone to press. Grrr. We had a story in The Evening Sun the next day, of course, but Friday’s Gazette was wrong, wrong, wrong. Through no fault of our own, but we’ll get blamed regardless. Hopefully village voters over there are paying attention – don’t write in Wade Schrag! He’s done.

• The Chenango County Historical Society paid tribute to a longtime local tradition with its first-ever Maple Festival on Sunday. There was a picture from the event on today’s front page, and the rest of Frank’s photos are now up in our Facebook gallery.

• I think this is where I should pretend to follow college basketball and insert a plug for our “March Madness” contest. But who am I kidding? For those of you who do, we’re offering a chance to win $75 in a contest sponsored by local merchants. The entry form appears in The Evening Sun’s print edition today and tomorrow.

• On a personal note, I got to meet my great-niece, Indigo, for the first time last night. On the way over to Afton, I was remembering how her mother, my niece Micah, was born during my freshman year in college – which in my mind was about 10 years ago. Yikes. I’ll leave you today with a rousing rendition (in my head, anyway) of “Circle of Life” …