Editor’s Notebook: 3/9/11

Jeff Genung

• So today’s big story was a real pisser, eh? A little girl up at S-E got $75,000 because her teachers wouldn’t stop a school bus on a field trip so she could go potty. I don’t mean to make light of it, really (I’ll leave that to “30 Seconds”), but come on. Was it stressful? Sure. Painful? Yep, been there. Poor judgment on the part of the teachers? Ehh, probably. Worth $75,000? Umm, nope. That’s a teacher’s salary, and then some. Ridiculously litigious country we live in.

• Got your tickets for The John Henrys at the Arts Council on Friday? I do. Looks like a good show, if you’re into that whole alt/country thing. Want a chance at free tickets? Check ‘em out on Facebook … chenangoartscouncil.

• Today’s Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent for various Christians and out-of-practice Catholics like myself. I’ve long since given up “giving up” anything for Lent, but residual Catholic guilt (thanks, Mom!) still prevents me from eating meat on Fridays. Along those lines, there’ll be a picture in tomorrow’s paper for the kickoff of Holy Family’s Lenten Fish Fry this Friday. Yumm.

• In his column today, Brian Golden laments mainstream media attention given to the likes of Sarah Palin and Charlie Sheen. Six pages later, I put in a quarter-page story on Mr. Sheen and speculation on how “Two and a Half Men” might go on without him. To each his own. Be careful of biting the hand that feeds you, Brian. If the people want bread and circuses …

• Thinking about running for school board? The Chenango Foundation has a couple seminars coming up designed to show prospective school board members what to expect. I hope somewhere they include the constant haranguing and rudeness of the general public, because while I certainly admire those who serve, that is truly a thankless job. Not unlike being a newspaper editor, I suppose. But at least I’ve got “30 Seconds” on my side. Cough, cough.