Editor’s Notebook: 3/4/11

Jeff Genung

• Did I come across too harsh in my review of S-E’s “Oklahoma!” today? I hope not. Hate the show, love the cast! Definitely worth the price of admission, even if you don’t have a kid in it. Another standing ovation from this reporter for the S-E troupe.

• Good luck to the final contestants in this weekend’s last round of Park Place’s “Idol” competition. Seems like just yesterday I was a judge back when Grove Park hosted the contest. There’s a lot of great talent out there in Chenango – can’t wait to see who wins!

• Also interested to see who wins the “real” American Idol, of course. Yes, I was reticent about committing to the show after the departure of my beloved Simon Cowell, but I managed to get sucked into it once again (and signed up a new recruit!). Long story short: Love J-Lo, creeped out by Steven Tyler, rooting for James Durbin and Thia Megia. Always fun to see how that plays out.

• Headed over to the Arts Council gallery tonight at 5 for the opening of “Artistic Discovery 2011,” the Congressional art show for Chenango high school artists. Must be so cool to have your art displayed in a real gallery – the most mine ever garnered was the fridge.

• Looking for something fun to do Sunday? Head up to Sherburne for the annual wearin’ o’ the green – it’s the town’s 10th annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, starting at 1 p.m. Intrepid ES photog Frank Speziale will be on the scene – check out Monday’s Evening Sun (and Facebook) for al the photos!