Editor’s Notebook: 2/28/11

Jeff Genung

• So long, February. Don’t let the door hit you in the $%# on the way out.

• So we didn’t verify the veracity of the claim of that guy on today’s front page, who’s claiming to drink from a gallon jug of Dimock, Pa. water – but, eww. He claims it was tasty, but if he sprouts a third eye, we’ll let you know.

• Melissa Stagnaro’s up in Albany today with a contingent from the Chenango County Farm Bureau, where they’re rallying for the agriculture cause. Tonight, the “Taste of New York” reception features our home-grown Chobani yogurt. Kudos to all involved for representing Chenango’s oldest profession (no, not that one) so well.

• Continuing in Tyler Murphy’s string of stupid criminal stories, today we have a guy who was convicted of a convenience store robbery, but pleaded with the judge to give him a brief reprieve before starting his prison term so he could get his affairs in order. Well apparently, his affairs involved burglarizing another gas station a couple doors down! Following the exact same M.O. (see, I watch Criminal Minds), the guy was handily nabbed by our boys in blue. Yikes.