Editor’s Notebook: 2/24/11

Jeff Genung

• So you can light tap water on fire in Guilford? Who knew?! We didn’t, until Mr. Sandell stopped by The Evening Sun’s office last week to show us proof. It’s scary enough, I suppose, but his point (reiterated in Melissa deCordova’s story today), is that you don’t have to have a natural gas well drilling on your property in order to have stuff creep into your water. Either way, dude, get yourself a Brita for God’s sake!

• Speaking of Marcellus (Shale), their team handed Sherburne-Earlville a whopping defeat last night, 72-45. See? Gas drilling is evil! The school is in no way related to natural gas drilling in the Marcellus shale formation of course, but since when did logic apply to this argument?

• So an inopportune migraine sidelined me from the Night of Cookies and Cream fundraiser for The Children’s Center last night, but luckily I had a reporter on the scene – in fact, she took home top honors for Tastiest Cookies! Melissa Stagnaro’s now-legendary Raspberry Pecan Thumbprints took home the trophy, and garnered the high bid in the live auction (good thing I wasn’t there anyway, Dave Emerson’s pockets are deeper than mine). My Evening Sun crew always represents us well – congratulations Melissa!

• Breaking News Update: My sources (overheard conversations in the newsroom) tell me that Melissa’s mother played a significant role in the preparation of the above-mentioned cookie delights. Funny, isn’t it, that poor, sweet, hard-working Mrs. Stagnaro didn’t earn even a line of credit in her daughter’s column today? Seems the Cookie Queen forgot to thank the Queen Mum. Well here you go, Melissa’s Mom – credit where credit is due, at least in my blog :)