Looking for inspiration

Melissa Stagnaro

About a week after I began my employ at The Evening Sun, I posted my first blog. It was a piece called The Learning Curve, about as you can probably guess, it was about making the adjustment from free-spirited freelance writer, to dealing with an early morning deadline five days a week.

Re-reading it this morning, I had to laugh. Because, honestly, little has changed in the last two and a half years. I’m still not a fan of getting up early. (It’s a sad commentary, I think, when sleeping past 5 a.m. constitutes “sleeping in.”) I have yet to break the habit of arriving at work earlier than most in an effort to get a jump start on the day. And deadline? Yeah, still feels like pulling teeth.

Since that first blog, I’ve posted a whopping 190 more. (This one marks number 192.) I’ve written on any number of topics. Mostly my own quirks, and those of my family and friends. Really, it’s my favorite part of my job – getting to write about basically whatever I want and then posting it out there for all to read.

But lately, I’ve been a little off. My once-prolific blogging as petered out. It seems like a chore to even eke out one a week.

It isn’t for lack of trying, either. Or lack of material.

Unwittingly, my family and friends provide a never ending well on which I unabashedly draw. And lord knows, I have plenty of my own exploits to, well, exploit.

So what’s my problem? I don’t think it’s a case of the mid-winter blues. Sure, I’m longing for the golf season to start. (I admit, my clubs are still in the trunk of my car.) But I love, love, love tromping around in the snow – just not on my morning commute.

So, again, what the heck is my problem? Your guess is as good as mine. Because I’m not sure if it’s motivation or inspiration that I’m lacking. A bit of both, perhaps.

Maybe what I need is a little adventure to get me out of this rut I’m in. Any suggestions?

Or, maybe all I really need is more sleep.

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