Editor’s Notebook: 2/21/11

Jeff Genung

• Happy Presidents’ Day! Hope you took a gander at our yearly “Presidential Showcase” special section in today’s paper – everything you ever wanted to know about each of our country’s commanders-in-chief.

• Home for lunch today, I caught the first few minutes of “The Talk,” CBS’ celebrity gab-fest which is a clear rip-off of the slightly superior but equally banal “The View” on ABC. In honor of Presidents’ Day, the panel of C-list celebrities regaled the audience with a “Hot or Not?” gallery of U.S. Presidents. Apparently, Sharon Osbourne thinks Thomas Jefferson was “hot” because he liked him some “chocolate lovin.’” They should all be killed. For this they canceled “As the World Turns??”

• Forbes.com recently ranked NBT Bank 11th-best in the nation, according to today’s story. I had to read that one twice to make sure – 11th in the nation? That’s pretty impressive for our hometown bank!

• Longtime New Berlin Gazette correspondent Joyce Barnes passed away over the weekend at the New York State Veterans’ Home in Oxford. Mrs. Barnes reported on the goings-on in South New Berlin for over four decades in our weekly paper. Hers was the longest-running in our stable of “hometown news” columns in that paper – you remember, the ones that tell you who came calling at whose home for dinner, who got a ribbon in the 4-H contest or who went out for a nice Sunday drive. Every couple months she’d call to remind me to send her stamped envelopes and stationery on which to submit her columns (most Gazette correspondents still eschew email), and we’d have a nice little chat. Sweet lady. The “gossip” column format still thrives in The Gazette, though we’ll never be able to replace Joyce. Rest in peace!