Editor’s Notebook: 2/17/11

Jeff Genung

• Oh, Mother Nature, you are a cruel mistress. I know these balmy temperatures are but a tease of what’s to come – but I also know you have more winter trickery up your sleeve. Where’s Al Gore and that Inconvenient Truth when you need him?

• So the Relay for Life theme this year is a circus. Great. I think my distaste for (OK, fear of) clowns is pretty well known. I love Relay and support it heartily, but frankly the whole circus thing isn’t doing it for me. On the other hand, walking around that track down at the fairgrounds will go a whole lot faster if there’s a clown chasing me.

• Today marks the final installment of our “Boon or Bust?” series on natural gas development, gleaned from a staff outing to Dimock and Montrose, Pa. back in December. While the coverage relating to what our reporters learned in Pennsylvania has come to and end, it’s by no means the end of our coverage on the issue entirely. That’s something that looks to be a long and winding road. By all accounts, we could see a ramp-up in drilling this summer; stayed tuned as we continue to take a look at both sides of this controversial issue.

• So on to more important issues … American Idol. Anyone watching this season? I didn’t know how I’d feel with it being all Simon Cowell-less, but I’ve managed to get sucked in anyway. I could do without Steven Tyler and his odd monkey-face, but J-Lo seems an amiable replacement for Paula and those other chicks who tried to take her place.