Editor’s Notebook: 2/16/11

Jeff Genung

• So a Norwich woman gets high, steals a few armfuls of porn DVDs from Adult World, and while running from the cops, manages to hit a patrol car and resist arrest. (Allegedly, of course.) Oh, Chenango, sometimes you make my job too easy. Insert your own joke here.

• Kudos to NBT Bank President Marty Dietrich for his spot-on remarks at yesterday’s Commerce Chenango breakfast. All he had to do was read our front page (which he clearly does) to get the notion that Chenango’s government is “too big, too slow and too expensive.” But talk about going balls-out to call ‘em on it at a Chamber function! Wish I could have been there.

• Poor Tyler texted me 34 times last night from the Town of Guilford court, where a felony hearing for the people nabbed in the most recent drug raid stretched into hours – and apparently stretched patience and credulity. Yikes.

• The Forum is back on, in case you haven’t noticed. I neutralized a couple of the more well-known trolls, so we’ll see how it goes for a while. Before anyone cries foul or moans about your civil liberties being curtailed by my iron fist, fear not: they’ll be back with new fake names to hide behind soon, I’m sure. Again, that’ll change with our website redesign.