Editor’s Notebook: 2/15/11

Jeff Genung

• I trust everyone had a splendiferous Valentine’s Day. I know I did. And if you didn’t, well, there’s always next year, loser. :)

• I hear a certain local bank CEO made quite a splash at the Economic Forecast breakfast that Commerce Chenango put on this morning. Good for him! Melissa Stagnaro was there – read all about it in Wednesday’s edition.

The Evening Sun’s Forum on this very website is closed, once again, due to repeated user violations. And again, it’s the same few trolls fighting amongst each other. More and more, it’s becoming clear to us that there’s no point in providing this playground for a few miscreants. A complete overhaul of evesun.com is in the works; this feature is top on my hit list.

• I’ve been told I don’t look very happy in the picture in today’s paper of the Arts Council’s decentralization grant panel, on which I sat last week. I was happy to be there, and to serve, really! It’s just that … oh, Frank, how you vex me.

• Colorscape Chenango has issued a call for artists to apply to be exhibitors at the 17th annual fine arts festival in September. Unlike your every day craft show, Colorscape is juried – artists are screened and judged by a panel of their peers before they’re admitted to the show.  I have no discernible artistic talent myself, but I sure appreciate those who do.