Editor’s Notebook: 2/8/11

Jeff Genung

• By not blogging yesterday, did I miss my opportunity to jump on the “Christina Aguilera Hates America and Puppies” bandwagon? I think not. Although her performance was a bit of a trainwreck and did manage to bungle the words to a song just about every middle schooler knows by heart, I wouldn’t agree with media pundits that her Super Bowl performance Sunday (yes, I actually watched it!) signals the coming of the Apocalypse. I’m pretty sure that whatever shame she feels for screwing up the National Anthem in front of the known universe is punishment enough.

• The Black Eyed Peas, however, should be killed.

• I’ve been walking to work this week. And back for forth to lunch, too. Finding myself temporarily car-less (due to my unending generosity, not some vagaries of mechanics) for a few days, I’ve been hoofing it from Fair Street to Lackawanna Ave. OK, so it’s not the Bataan Death March, but in this weather it can be a little dicey. I’ve always been able to walk to work, of course. But do I? Umm no. Who knows, perhaps I’m turning a green leaf. Or perhaps blue, from hypothermia.

• Can’t get enough Perch Derby? I put all of Frank Speziale’s photos from Saturday’s event on our Facebook page today. All I can say is these people must really like fish.

• Check out tomorrow’s Evening Sun to find out why I let Melissa Stagnaro go skiing for a whole day last week. It’s a pretty amazing story – you can check out more photos on Facebook after it runs, too. And I won’t let her censor the ones in which she faceplants in a snowbank.