Editor’s Notebook: 2/3/11

Jeff Genung

• Funny how a two-hour meeting can derail your entire day … at least this one was productive! We’ve been talking about some pretty cool changes coming up for evesun.com – especially for those of you who subscribe. Stay tuned.

• Poor Melissa Stagnaro had a tough assignment today — she spent the entire day skiing at Greek Peak. Actually there’s a good reason for it, and you’ll see what should be a compelling story in an upcoming edition.

• Speaking of compelling stories, Part V of our seven-part “Boon or Bust?” series on natural gas drilling appears in today’s edition, examining the economic impact the industry has had on our neighbors to the south. At least from the financial standpoint, it seems there’s a lot to be gained there, as long as it’s handled correctly. Read it and judge for yourself. Two more parts of this investigative series coming up.

• Taking some much-needed post-Progress time off tomorrow. As it was pretty much every Friday last summer, tomorrow’s edition will be largely ruled by committee, with each of my minions performing one of my many functions. This is my subtle way, in lieu of a front-page above the fold banner, of telling you I’m not responsible for anything you might see tomorrow.