Third time’s the charm

Brian Golden

After reading fellow staff writer Melissa Stagnaro’s “Monday, Monday” blog this morning – not to mention our esteemed editor’s musings for the day – I must admit I’m feeling pretty lucky about my decision to extend my weekend into a little mini-vacation. And while I certainly couldn’t have contributed in any way to help with the craziness which cropped up in the office yesterday, I do feel bad.

However, I dealt with my own insanity Monday night, even if it was self-inflicted.

I had one thing and one thing only on my mind for Monday afternoon, once some old friends from out of town hit the road – relaxation. It’s not that I don’t get a chance to take it easy on the weekends, in fact I usually attempt to do just that. My problem, it seems, is that my plans seldom work out that way. Therefore, I was determined to lay low at the apartment, read a good book, cook up something tasty and try once again to watch (and this time understand) Christopher Nolan’s “Inception.”

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a great movie. Yet I can honestly say I’ll be forever grateful to myself for watching it on DVD and not in the theater. My reasoning for this? I would have been extremely upset if I’d been forced to dish out the cash for three trips to the movie house, just to see one film. Just imagine the cost if I’d taken a date along? Yikes.

Yes, you read that right, it took me three tries – once on Sunday evening and twice on Monday – to finally comprehend “Inception,” and that’s not even the worst part. That would be reserved for my obviously twisted subconscious and the nightmares it subsequently produced.

The problem is, I have what most people would call an over-active imagination. And any time that over-active imagination is spurred-on to even greater heights (watching a movie such as “Inception” was almost guaranteed to do this), I tend to have the most vivid and, at times, disturbing dreams (aka nightmares). And even though I have no idea just exactly what it was I dreamt on this occasion, I do know that whatever it was, it was enough to startle me awake a couple of dozen times over the course of the evening.

Of course, it certainly didn’t help matters that the movie I’d basically memorized focuses primarily on “professional” dreamers and those whose dreams they enter.

Now, of course, I’m the Grand Master of all things “Inception,” and why wouldn’t I be? I did watch the film three times in less than twenty-four hours. After a marathon like that, it’s no wonder it makes perfect sense to me why one would need an extremely talented architect, a chemist and an identity forger to successfully construct a third-level shared dream.

On that note, I think tonight’s feature film should be a little more mellow. Maybe I’ll call my mother and see if I can borrow “Bambi” or something similarly harmless. Then again, “Bambi” always makes me cry.

Decisions, decisions.