Editor’s Notebook: 2/1/11

Jeff Genung

• So far, not a fan of February. Let’s start over.

• This is kind of hard to break to you this way, dear readers, but as of Wednesday, Feb. 2, The Evening Sun offices will be moving to Miami, Florida. It’s been a great 119 years in central New York, but enough is enough. We’ll send a postcard when we get there. May cost you a little more to get home delivery …

• Speaking of home delivery, seriously, please remember your friendly neighborhood newspaper carrier when keeping your sidewalks and front steps clear of snow and ice. Like the intrepid U.S. postal carriers, our newspaper delivery guys (and gals, girls and boys) are out in every kind of weather … neither snow nor sleet nor yadda yadda yadda. Kindly leave a safe path for them, and if you have one, keep your delivery tube unblocked by snow, too. And while we’re on the subject, please be understanding when they’re running a little late in this kind of weather!

• Today’s the last day to enter our “Progress Pursuit” contest and win a free year’s supply of Chobani yogurt. People really love this stuff, I guess! Entries have been coming in fast and furious.